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Meet Your Team

Western Racquet Rachel Borowitz

Rachel Borowitz

NBHWC Certified Health Coach
"Throughout life we encounter joyful and gloomy experiences that we pack away into our personal suitcase. My outlook on coaching is to meet you where you are at, unpack your suitcase of experiences and help you begin to take that step outside of your comfort zone while embracing being comfortable with the uncomfortable."

Rachel comes to Western from a corporate wellness background and has an Associate Degree in Health & Wellness Promotion with an emphasis on Health Coaching. She loves getting creative and bringing different options to the FuelBar for all our customers. When she is not found in the FuelBar you can also find her teaching some Group Exercise classes or working with our members in the Wellbeing Department. Outside of Western Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and friends, being active outdoors and loving on all animals.

Western Racquet Jen Shomin

Jennifer Shomin

HCI Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach
"My greatest passion lies in holding the vision of who you want to be and helping you take each actionable step towards that version of your best self. And not only give you tangible tools, but also listen, understand, and believe in you. "

After becoming a member in 2018, Jen was drawn to Western's culture and mission and decided that this is where she wanted to make an impact in the wellness community like Western did for her. Her passion is people, and she lives it within Western as a group fitness instructor, in Member Engagement, events, social media, and Wellness Coaching in the Wellbeing Department. Her other passionate hobbies include music and writing.

Western Racquet Tad Taggart RDN

Tad Taggart

Registered Dietitian, Precision Nutrition Coach
"My philosophy is that healthiness and happiness are inherently linked. You cannot have one without the other. Using scientifically-backed coaching and nutrition strategies, I aim to help my clients elevate both their health and happiness."

Tad has a personal background in fitness that includes long-distance running, powerlifting, bodybuilding, yoga, boxing, and cardio-kickboxing. He previously studied exercise science and kinesiology near Milwaukee, where his training career began. After graduating from Carroll University, he came back home to Green Bay to pursue a second degree in nutrition and dietetics. Tad's philosophy is that healthiness and happiness are inherently linked. Using scientifically-backed coaching and nutrition strategies, he aims to help my clients elevate both their health and happiness.